Remington Pet and Feed

It's not a business, it's a lifestyle for your animals

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Dog and cats

We dedicated a whole aisle to supples for your dog.  We have feed pans, bowls, dog cages and dog muzzles.  We even have a dog seat that keeps your dog safe but allows your dog to see the road ahead.  Come in and browse and see what we have for your dog. 

Dog cages, feeder pans, muzzles and more, Remington Feed Dog Supply aisle.

Your dog needs to be entertained and we have the toys that will do the trick.  We have crew toys that will help keep your dogs teeth in tip top shape.  When the day is done we have the perfect toys for your prized animal to sleep comfortably. 

Remington Feed dog beds, dog toys and feeders are all in the Dog Toy aisle.

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