Weather King Side lofted barn customized with single door and a front porch. Customize your shed with doors and window placements, roof and paint.
Weather King's Lofted cabin with entrance on the right customizable with extra windows and paint color

Rent To Own:

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No Credit Check:

Want to design your New Building???

Weather King Sheds come in various sizes and customizable door and window placement.

First 50 miles Free Delivery From Lot.  There After $3.00 Per Mile

Free Setup and leveling on your prepared site (with no more than 12″  variance in grade). See DELIVERY & SETUP for more information.

Anchoring is up to homeowner.  Cost of Anchoring depends on Size of Building and Amount of Anchors needed to meet code.

8′ wide buildings typically come with 46″ single door.

10′ & 12′ wide buildings typically come with 2-36″doors (double door) for a 72″ total opening.

A pair of Weather King side lofted barns, customize your shed with windows and door placement, roof type and paint color.
Weather King's Garage with roll up door and reinforced floors to accommodate the weight of a car.
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RENT TO OWN was established as an alternative to mini-warehousing.  Our no strings plans allows you to have your own storage facility for your backyard or business, when and where you need it.  The low monthly rental rates are comparable to mini-warehousing rates per square foot.  You are not required to fill out a credit application, nor are you required to keep your building.

Rent to own prices are based on 36 months. Pay off any time with no penalty.

We will collect the first monthly payment plus tax and the security deposit for all RTO orders.  Customer will receive the Finance Company Booklet. This will specify when second payment is due and the address to which to send all other monthly payments.

Ask your dealer about Rent to Own Deposits.

We have over 100 Weather King Portable Buildings dealers across Arizona, New Mexico, North Texas, Colorado and Florida. We pride ourselves in building the nation’s best backyard sheds, garages, cabins, utility buildings and small storage buildings.

Weather King and its Agents are not responsible for permits, setbacks, restrictions, covenants or anchoring.  Please contact your local codes department or Homeowners Association.  It is up to the customer to decide whether ground conditions are suitable for delivery. Weather King is not responsible for yard or driveway damage.  Free delivery and leveling includes one trip; additional trips may incur charges to customer.  Please contact your building dept for pricing on permits and info on setbacks.  Raised Seal Anchoring Plans are available at an additional charges.

Portable Building sheds garages storage building in Riverview Remington Feed

Weather King offers easy purchase option including Rent to Own with no credit checks, made in the USA
Painted Lofted Barn is available in multiple length and customizable
Different sizes and styles of Weather King lofted barns are available. Build and customize your own shed using Weather Kings 3 D web site.


Weather King's lofted barn customized with double doors and extra windows
  • 3 year Warranty on Materials and Craftsmanship.  Manufacturers Warranty against Rot, Decay & Termites.
  • 40 year warranty on Metal Roofs. Manufacturers warranty on asphalt shingles (Florida)
  • Exposed nails are ring shank and galvanized for maximum strength and prevention of rust spots or stains.
  • Wall Studs are doubled under siding seams for extra strength.
  • The 2×4 reinforced doors are built to keep out the weather and are key locked for your protection.
  • Series of air vents positioned to create optimum circulation and temperature control.
  • Pressure treated floor joists are set into notched pressure treated skids for maximum strength, durability, and resistance to rot, termites and fungal decay.
  • All buildings can be customized by adding doors and windows, at an additional cost.

(Painted Lofted Barn shown above)



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Weather King provides the ability to build your own shed using their 3 D web site. Click in the lower left corner to transfer to Weather King site.
Weather Kings lofted cabin with customized windows and door placements with roof and paint color.placement

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