Remington Pet and Feed

It's not a business, it's a lifestyle for your animals

meet the staff

In June of 2006, Corey Costa, along with Bob and Carol Collier, opened Remington Feed with a dream to not own a business, but provide a great lifestyle for your animals. Since the store's opening, we have relocated from a strip mall to our own building, acquired Budget Truck Rental, paved the parking lot, added a full length awning to the face of the store and brought in more than 6,000 additional products for your animals.  

Corey has operated the store since its opening 2006. Between owning a Rodeo and 16+ years of experience with his horses, cattle, dogs and cats, he has worked diligently every day to bring you the best and highest quality products to suit your animal's needs! Along with planning and coordinating orders and deliveries, Corey is the perfect guy to lead this championship team.


Bob is our "man with the plan." He primarily works behind the scene keeping up with inventory and making sure everybody gets paid. Guess you could say that makes him everyone’s favorite person! On occasion, you will be graced with his presence behind the counter helping keep day to day operations running smoothly.


A woman who has seen it all, literally! A 40 year E.R. Nurse, Carol turned in her scrubs and works diligently to offer the highest level of customer service to all who walk thru our doors. Like the illusive Lady Bug, a chance to ask her questions should be taken advantage of before she takes flight to the next store project. She might even sit still long enough to have her picture taken. 

A Riverview local, and 8 year U.S. Navy Veteran, Dayton joined our staff in August of 2014. Since then he has proven himself to be a valuable asset to the Remington Feed family and is said by many customers to be a small animal expert, but we will let you be the judge of that! His vast knowledge of products will help you get any job done right. Dayton is here 5 days a week, so stop on by and let him answer your questions. 


Juan is a bilingual (Spanish/English) employee who came to us in 2017 with an eagerness to help everybody. His hard work and dedication to learn has earned him a seat at our table. Stop by and ask him your questions on any Monday, Friday, or Saturday.
¿Hablas Español? Venga a ver a Juan. Él está aquí el lunes, viernes y sábado de 8:30-4:00. Él está listo para ayudarle a obtener el derecho de alimento para los animales.


PJ is our US Air Force veteran. When he isnt playing with motors, or getting his jeep stuck in the mud, he is right here at Remington Feed. A very knowledgable employee, PJ ready to assist you in getting the right produt for your furry friends. Stop in and feel free to try and stump him with your questions or talk about Jeeps.

Bring in your animal needs and get help or recommendations from our amazing staff!