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18 Gauge Galvanized S-Bar Bale Feeder - The 3 piece galvanized S-bar hay feeder is a proven and solid design and allows easy assembly. This feeder features 1-3/4" round tubular steel horizontal rails and vertical s-bars. The s-bar design helps prevent calves from getting inside the feeder and sheeted with either a 20 gauge galvanized sheeting or our 6 gauge 2x4 wire mesh bottom to hold the hay in place. 

hay storage

2 tie & 3 tIE

Alfalfa Bales

Timothy and Timothy & Alfalfa T&A bales are available
In season we carry Peanut hay
Coastal hay in square bales

Coastal Square Bales

Quality Hay

It's not a business, it's a lifestyle for your animals 

HAY CRADLE ROUND BALE FEEDER - keeps animals out of your hay and allows the hay to last longer.  No more throwing hay away because animals walk on and soiled the hay.

We carry horse quality round rolls and cow rolls

Timothy Alfalfa Bales

18 Gauge Galvanized S-Bar Bale Feeder keeps animals out of the hay. Less waste and more hay for the animals.

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We can deliver you Feed and Hay

Large rolls of cow and horse hay available

seasonal Peanut Hay

​hay bales coastal bales Alfalfa bales Timothy Alfalfa T&A Horse rolls round rolls hay cradle hay ring

HAY CRADLE ROUND BALE FEEDER. Easy access but keeps the animals from soiling hay and moisture from ground wasting hay.
Alfalfa hay is 2 tie or 3 tie bales