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Taste of the Wild is an All-Life-Stage, Grain-Free dog feed that comes in multiple flavors that will suit all tastes. Kibble comes in two sizes for large and small dogs.

Diamond Dog food offers a wide variety of dog food flavors for puppies, adults, high energy and even for dogs who must watch their weight.  Diamond Dog food offers an all natural grain free line of dog food.  For more information visit the  Diamond Dog Food web site.

Blue Buffalo premium dog food rated 5 start, click to see individual flavors

The pursuit of simplicity.

In the wild, the diet of the canine or feline was simple, consisting primarily of the prey they hunted. Though hunting that prey was quite a challenge, finding a simple yet complete food for your domesticated canine or feline shouldn’t be. That’s why they created Taste of the Wild PREY limited ingredient diets – a simplified approach to pet food based on the animal’s native diet.

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We have the best dog food that will provide a healthy lifestyle for a long life. We carry top brands that have been proven to be good for your dogs and cats.

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At VICTOR, Their passion is creating nutritionally complete dog food with advanced, proven ingredients, providing your pet with the highest standard of nutrition at every life stage – without the premium price.

Rated 5 star.

Bully Performance dog food created especially for Bully dogs

Chicken Soup offers dog food and treats for all life stages.  Highly rated, 4.9,  by independent rating company.  Chicken Soup donate pet food for every bag sold to those in need.  Click the image to the left to see list of dog food.

FROMM family of premium dog food has a full line of dog food that is suited for all stages of your dog.

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We sell dog and cat food, treats and toys

Bully Performance is pioneering a new segment in the pet food industry that provides a natural alternative tailored for bully breeds. Bully Performance Chicken Meal & Rice and Game Changer formulations are made from choice ingredients to nourish your dog throughout their lifetime. Formulated to provide easy digestion, develop lean muscle mass, healthier skin, coat and enhanced taste appeal for your bully. Bully Performance delivers quality results for your dog that you can see at an affordable price.

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Taste of the Wild premium dog food, rated 5 stars, click for individual flavors

Blue Buffalo has long been recognized for its low fiber all stages of life dog food.  We have many different flavors to offer even the most finicky dogs.  Blue Buffalo is rated 5 starts by internet rating sites.  For more information visit the Blue Buffalo by clicking on bag of feed.

Victor premium dog food, rated 4 to 5 stars, click for individual flavors
Taste of the Wild Prey limited ingredient dog food rated five stars, click to see individual flavors
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Remington Feeds sells, beds, bowls and toys for dogs and cats

High Quality Dog Food at competitive prices

Not Only Are We Family Friendly, We Are Pet Friendly Too!

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We have a wide range of dog treats to reward your dog for positive behavior.  We have toys for any size of dogs.  Whether you want leather leashes or ones visible at night we have the ones you need.