Remington Pet and Feed

It's not a business, it's a lifestyle for your animals

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For more information regarding the vet services please contact the phone number below  or visit them on their website.

          (888) 673-8838

Dr Lang has been coming to Remington Feed for fourteen years

Remington Pet and Feed has been hosting the same well-Pet Veterinary Clinic for over the last fourteen years to help our customers reduce their dog and cats medical cost.  

The clinic is held every two weeks from 3 PM till 4:30 PM on a first come first served bases.  Please refer to the dates below for the 2019  schedule.

Jan   12th &  26th            

Feb   9th   &  23th              

Mar   9th   &  23th              

Apr    6th   &  20th              

May   4th   &  18th             

Jun    1th,15th & 29th

Jul     13th &  27th

Aug    10th &  24th

Sep    7th   &  21nd

Oct     5th   &  19th

Nov    2nd, 16th & 30th

Dec    28th

 Pet Vet Vaccination Clinics