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Automatic Waterer 16 Qt - Red or Blue - Large capacity 16-quart waterer is perfect for horses. Includes metal brackets for over-the-fence or on-the-wall installation. Molded from impact-resistant polyethylene resin. Hooks up to 3/4 inch garden male hose. Operates between 20-50 psi. Includes 30 inch female hose attachment

Strongis Paste

(Pyranel Pamoate)

EquiMAX Equine Dewormer

(Ivermectin / Praziquantel)

Equimax Horse Dewormer Ivermectin 1.87% Praziquantal 14.03%) Pasta

Zimecterin Equine Dewormer


Zimecterin Gold Equine Dewormer

(Ivermectin / Praziquantel)

Panacur Equine Dewormer


Safe-Guard Equine Dewormer (Fenbendazole)

Zimecterin (Ivermectin 1.87%) Horse Dewormer .21 oz
Zimecterin Gold Equine Horse Dewormer with Ivemectin / Praziquantel .26 oz
Panacur Paste Horse Dewormer 10% 25 Grams
Safe Guard Equine Dewormer with Fenbendazole 25 Grams
Ichthammol Drawing Salve 14 oz
NU-Stock 12 paste
M-T-G Solution 32 oz

Mosquito Halt Fly Spray

32 oz

Wipe II Fly Spray

32 oz

Bite Free Fly Spray


Repel-X Fly Spray

32 oz

Tri-Tec Fly Spray


Hoof Heal 16 oz Brush On
Thrush Buster 2 ounces liquid
Farnam Swat Original Fly Repellent Ointment Horse Supplement, 7-oz tub
Mosquito Halt Horse Fly Spray 32 Ounces
Wipe It Horse Fly Spray 32 ounces
Bite Free Horse Fly Spray 32 ounces
Repel-X Horse Fly Spray 32 ounces
Tri-Tec Horse Fly Spray 32 ounces

Bronco Gold Fly Spray

32 oz.

Bronco Gold Horse Fly Spray. Comes in 32 ounce and gallon

Bronco Fly Spray

32 oz.

Bronco Horse / Dog Fly Spray comes in 32 ounce and gallon

Absorbine Gel Topical



Super Mask Fly Mask

With Ears

Super Mask Fly Mask

With Out Ears

Absorbine Gel for Horse Joint Pain comes in 4 and 8 ounces
DMSO Horse liniment for joint pain comes in Gel, liquid and roll on
Bigeloil liquid for Horse Joint Pain Relief
Horse Super Mask fly Mask with Ear Covers
Horse Super Mask fly Mask Without ear Covers