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We Offer All These Great Seed Blends By The Pound!

Take A Look At What All The Little Birdies Are Saying About Remington Feed!


​Be it Parrots or Love Birds we have premium bird feed that you need to keep your bird healthy.  We sell most feed by the pounds, 5 pounds up to 20 pound bags.  We even have high quality wild bird feed that is low in filter.  

We have bowls, feeders and cages to keep your bird in style.  We have bird treats to round out the maintenance for your bird.   We have a wide range of bird toys to keep your bird occupied and entertained.  

We carry Higgins, Zupreem, Vita Blends, And Lots Of Other Bird Foods For Even The Pickiest Birds.

​What we don't have we can do special orders for you.

Come in and discuss all of your animals needs.