Remington Pet and Feed

It's not a business, it's a lifestyle for your animals

Poultry wire to make that perfect coup or runs comes in  sizes of 5, 10, 25 or up to 75 feet long.

We even had hog panels 36 inches tall and 16 feet long.

Fence Board
Make your perfect fence with solid wood.  Use as a top railing or the complete fence, we have the fence and supplies you will need.

At times you need to deter animals from getting in or out.  We have the wire, charger and insulators to add to your fence.

Now that you have built the perfect fence you need the right gate.  We have several gates in stock.  Pick the length, number of bars, with or without bottom fence, can order and have available within the week.

Call for prices and sizes available in store now or order what you need and we can deliver to your job site. 

Make building your fence easy, use step posts that the fence hooks to with ease. 

Need barbed wire to complete the fencing project?  We have that, and staples to attach the wire., Staples are available in pound box up to a 40 pound box.  We have you covered

If Hard wire is what you need? We have a wide variety of fence sizes is stock. The opening can be as small as 1/2" x 1/2" inch up to 4 x 4 inches.  The height 36 " or 48". 

There are times you will want to do the job yourself.  We have everything from wood post, barb wire as well as range fencing, and staples. We even have the equipment to electrify your fence.

Wood Post are available in

2.5 - 3 Inches x 6 Feet

3 - 3.5 Inches x 6 Feet

5         Inches x 8 Feet

Spend time enjoying your animals and not trying to build and maintain fences.  We have contractors that are ready and willing to fence your lot or your entire pasture.

Call and get a competitive price.