Monterey Honey Bee Attractant 2 Pieces 3 Pack
Beehive Smoker Stainless Steel

BBeehive smoker fuel
Clean, untreated woven fabric
Easy to light
Produces cool, white smoke

Beehive Smoker Fuel

Honey Bee Attractant is designed to attract beneficial insects to your garden. Honey Bee Attractant attracts bees for improved crop pollination. Non-Toxic.

Honey Bees on a honey comb

Available in 2 oz in Orange, Gallberry and Allergy Blend flavors

Raw Orange Honey

Beehive Smoker Stainless Steel
Helps calm bees when working on hives
Surrounding wire grid protects from heat of the smoker
Suede leather bellows
Attached hook for hanging on hives


Beehive Complete Beginner Kit 10-Frames

Honey Extractor Manual Hand Crank 2-Frame 
Great for hobby beekeepers with only one or two hives
For use with deep or medium frames
Plastic construction
Includes honey gate and cover

bee supplies and equipment honey local honey

Bee Keeper Brush 14 inches

A blend of 12 different flowers. Available in 2 oz, 1, 2 and 6 pound bottles

Honey is harvested from local hives and bottled in Lakeland Florida.  Local honey is available year round. 

Beehive Multi-Tasker Tool 10 inches

Honey Bear

Beehive Complete Beginner Kit 10-Frames

Complete Beehive beginner kit
Standard Langstroth Hive
9.5 inch deep hive body
Precision milled interlocking box joints
Metal frame rest for easy removal of frames
Telescoping outer cover with weather-resistant aluminum top
Venter inner cover to reduce condensation
Screened bottom board with grip to measure mite presence
Mite grid
Entrance reducer
--- Frames: ---
10 per kit, 9.125 inches long, Unfinished pine and Wax coated black plastic foundation
--- Includes: --
Gloves, Veil, Smoker, Smoker fuel, Bee brush, Hive tool, Framer feeder and "Beekeeping for Dummies" book

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The Little Giant bee escape is a one-way valve that allows bees to leave but does not allow them back into the hive box. A great way to clear bees from a box of honey with minimal stress to the beekeeper and the bees. The bee escape inserts into the hole in the hive's inner cover to aid in clearing the super of bees so it will be ready for honey harvesting. Made of lightweight, durable plastic. 2 per package.

Start your own hive and earn money while watching  the fascinating lives of Bees.  There are Your Tube videos for all aspects of successfully maintaining bees.  There is an organization in Hillsborough dedicated to discussing bees. 

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Available in 2 oz, 1, 2 and 6 pound bottles


Raw Allergy Honey

Available in 2 oz, 1, 2 and 6 pound bottles

Beehive Multi-Tasker Tool for working with bee hives

Beveled edge for scraping off wax or propolis from frames
Angled edge to pry and pull apart frames
Nail pulling hole
10 inch overall length

Bee Escape - Porter Style

Raw Gallberry Honey

Honey from Orange tree available in 2 oz, 1, 2 and 6 pound bottles

Beekeeping brush
Gently removes bees from frames
For use during inspections and honey extraction
Soft bristles wont' harm bees
Wood handle, 14 inch overall length

Honey Extractor Manual Hand Crank 2-Frame Plastic

Raw Florida Honey Muth Jar

100% Pure Raw Creamed Honey

Raw Florida Honey Muth Jar
100% Pure Raw Creamed Honey
Allergy blend of multiple ingredients comes in 4 sizes, 2 oz, 1 pound, 2 pounds and 6 pounds
Gallberry flavor comes in four sizes, 2oz, 1 pound, 2 pounds and 6 pounds
Honey Bear 2 oz Comes in three flavors, Orange Blossom, Gallberry and Allergy Blend

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