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We can special order any Manna Pro, Southern States, Or Seminole Feed.

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Goat Treats
goat dewormer


Goat Feeds

Classic Goat Textured Feed

16% Protein

Formulated with protected minerals. Calf-Manna Added.

For all classes of goats.

Perfomance Lamb And Goat Pelleted Feed

16% Protein

Vitamin and Mineral Fortification. Calf-manna Added.

Kid And Goat Medicated

17% Protein W/ Added Deccox

Sweet Pellets

11% Protien

Nutritionally balanced. Complete Feed.

Swine Feed

Pig & Sow

16% Protein

Nutritionally balanced for gestation, lactation, & growth.

Pig Grower

14% Protein

Complete feed for growing pigs.

Hog Finsher

13% Protein

Complete feed for finishing pigs.

Potbellied Pig Food

Complete Feed

we have supplies for the barn and all of your animals
We carry feed for sheep, goats, pigs, mini pigs and more

Goats, sheep, & pigs

​Remington Pet and Feed carries high quality feed for all your animals needs. 

We have Hog Grower and Pig Finisher to raise your swines with high protein feed to have the desire weight goals met.

We have Kid and Goat, Medicated Goat and Sweet Feed to feed your goats and keep them healthy.  

Come in and discuss all of your animals needs.

Remington Feed​ and Pet​

It's not a business, it's a lifestyle for your animals