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Egg Maker Pellets in 50 pound bags

Non-Medicated Chick Starter where you want to avoid added medicines to the chick feed.  Required feed for young ducks.

Available in 5 pounds.

Chick Starter till at least 6 months

Three Grain Scratch is a combination of approximately 80% crack corn, 10% wheat and 10% milo grain.  A good supplement to chickens of any age.

Available in 25 and 50 pounds.

Remington Feed has an extensive line of Chicken Water and Feeders.  From quart to five gallons, we have what you need.  Come in and browse. 

We also carry a wide selection of Poultry Netting and wire for cages.

Start your chicks off right, feed them Chick Starter fortified to fight diseases they are the most vulnerable.  Feed Chick Starter till the chick has all of their feathers or about 6 months old.

available in 5, 25 and 50 pounds bags. Available tin 5, 25 and 50 Pounds.

Do not feed to baby ducks.

3 Grain Scratch for maintenance
Non-Medicated Chick Starter in 5 pound bags
Egg Maker Crumbles in 25 and 50 pounders

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 Egg Maker Crumbles is fortified to help make the egg shell stronger.  Chickens should be feed either egg maker crumbles or pellets starting at six months of age. 

Available in 25 or 50 pounds

Egg Maker Pellets is fortified to help make the egg shell stronger.  Chickens should be feed either egg maker crumbles or pellets starting at six months of age.  Egg Maker Pellets is only sold in 50 pound bags

Egg Incubators, with egg turner

Start your own flock!

We Sell Incubators and Turners!

Backyard Chickens producing your own eggs

Do you want to own your own backyard chickens?

Ask one of our experienced staff members how to raise and keep a backyard flock.

We can help you with everything from selecting & starting your chicks to keeping full grown laying hens happy and healthy!

Now Available

We now carry organic

egg layer & chick starter. GMO Free.

Chicken Coop with a run area. We can special order coops

We can special order your dream chicken coop!

Must pre-order and allow 2 week ship time.

Remington Feed now sells organic chicken feed

Give Them Something To Scratch About

we carry baby chicks!

Limited available to spring and fall times of the year. Call 672.1244 for breed of chicks in stock.

They're A Clucking good time!

Remington Feed Sells Chicken feed and egg maker
We carry baby chicks in season, chick started and chicken feed


​More and More people are raising their own chickens.  Raising your own chicks can be rewarding experience, teach responsibility and  enjoy the results.  Raise your own eggs to sell or eat for one of your best breakfast ever.  

Most everyone can have their own chickens to raise for personal use.  We have chick starter, 3 grain scratch and egg maker to feed your chickens.  We have water and feeders needed to raise your chickens.

We also carry specialty feeds for turkey, quail, geese, pheasants, ducks, and other poultry. 

Come in and discuss all of your animals needs.