Piggy Snouts chewable treat

Redbarn bully products are a non-rawhide chew treat that comes in various sizes and shapes.  Let your dog pick the ones they love the most

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Pig Ears for a tasty treat

Bully Barbell non-rawhide treats for dogs

Bully Barbell great for your dog's teeth, ideal for smaller dogs. A healthy completely digestible treat.

Smoked Pig Ears and Non Smoked Pig Ears available

Bully Rings offer another shape and texture with that great Bully taste.

Bully Sticks, a healthy completely digestible treat that your dog will love.  

Available in different lengths.

Non Rawhide Bully Sticks available in various sizes

Piggy Snouts

Cannalove, CDB infused products available for pain relief, anxiety relief, CDB chews and shampoos
Bully Slices 20 pieces per bag
Bully Rings same great Bully product


Bully Slices 20 pieces per bag

Comes in Beef and Peanut flavor

CDB infused products can really help your dog.  Remington Feed carries shampoo and chews.

Cannalove Anxiety Relief Shampoo

Cannalove Allergy Shampoo

Cannalove Puppy Shampoo

Cannalove Anxiety Relief Shampoo

Cannalove Antimicrobial Shampoo

Cannalove Antiparastic 

Cannalove Advance Moisturizing

Cannalove Anti-Shedding/Detangler

Cannalove K-9 Antioxidant

Cannalove K-9 Pain Relief

Cannalove K-9 Pain Relief Oil

Cannalove K9 CBD Chews

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