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We carry Weaver Leather goods for horse and dogs
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Cartoon, horse dumping his feed on owners head, caption reads As a matter of fact he did notice that i hid the meds in his feed
Seminole and Wellness horse feed and supplements
a picture of our horse aisle, fly masks, fly sprays, supplements, remedies and wound care

Products To Keep Your Horse Healthy

Fly Controls, Supplements, Minerals, Liniments, Wormers, Wound Care, & Much More In Store.

Tools Of The Trade

We Stock Spurs, Rowels, & Spur Straps.

Tools of the trade, spurs, Rowels and Spur straps
A picture showing some of the horse tack that we carry

Western Tack

Bridles, Bits, Halters, Leads, Breast Collars, Tie Downs, Reins,

Stirrups, Curb Chains, & More.

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We carry a wide selection of horse and pony tack
Quality hay products, horse round rolls, square bales, Timothy, Alfalfa


Your horse deserves the best feed at the most reasonable prices. Remington Pet and Feed carries a variety of Feed lines that meet your needs.  Come visit our store and discuss your unique needs for your horse.

From high quatity coastal bales to round rolls we offer a wide range of hay products.  T&A, Alfalfa and seasonal hays like Peanut and O&A.  To round out your horse care, Remington Pet & Feed offers supplements, sprays, shampoos and treats to provide the best care for your horse.

To get the best enjoyment from your horse we have bridies, halters, lead ropes, buckets and more.

Remington Pet and Feed will special order any items that we don't have in stock with quick delivery.

Purchase your product and take with you or we will deliver to your barn.