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Propane Tank Refill propane gas

Got an older out of date bar-b-cue propane tank, we can exchange it so you can get back to enjoying that great bar-b-cue taste. 

New Propane tanks

During storms or worse hurricanes, outages can play havoc with your family life.  Experience has taught us that hurricane electrical outages can last several days to weeks.  Get prepared now and get an extra tank to lessen your own disruption. 

In Florida weather can be unpredictable and storms can cause outages and play havoc with your electricity.  Hurricane season is approaching.  Don't wait till the storms are approaching and have to stand in long lines when you need propane,

Remington Feed can refill your existing propane tanks.  From 20 gallons (bar-b-cue size) up to the 100 gallon tanks.

TV Propane service, Forklift Propane Refills
Remington Feed Sells and Refiles 20, 30, 40 and 100 Pound Propane Tank

Remington Feed​ and Pet​

Before you start your camping trip bring your RV by and fill up your propane tank.  Nothing worse than to run out of gas half way through your meal or trip.  Of course taking cold showers rank up pretty high

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Need a new propane tank.  Get a DOT certified new tank.  We sell 20 gallon bar-b-cue tanks.  Also we sell 30, 40 and 100 gallons tanks as well.   You can get them refilled here,

Don't rely on just one propane tank, get a spare tank so you never run out of propane.  

We also refill forklift tanks as well.

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