Wellness Calm and Cool - Textured - is formulated for horses that do not require high level of energy to perform.  High amounts of digestible fiber provide cooler calories that reduce hyperactivity and help keep the horse focused.  Enhance with nine all natural herbs

Protein              10%

Fat                      3%

Fiber                 15%

Starch               13%

We also carry Race Horse Oats and Steam  Crimped Oats

Seminole Alfalfa Cubes 


Seminole Ultra Bloom is a high-fat stabilized rice bran supplement for growing, breeding, show and performance horses.  Ultra Bloom has balanced levels of calcium and phosphorus and contains gamma oryzanol for improved muscle conditioning.

Protein              32%
Fat                      5%
Fiber                   5%
Starch                 5%

Wellness Perform Safe - Pelleted - is a complete nutritional package of high quality protein and energy for active horse.  

Protein              12%
Fat                      8%
Fiber                 20%
Starch                9%

Wellness Senior Mix for older horses Textured 50 pounds
Seminole Ultra Bloom high fat rice bran suplement

Manna Pro Safe Performance provides needed calories without high starch grains or molasses, A feed that is highly digestible, high in fat, and provides safe, concentrated energy.

Enriched with Beet Pulp, a Great Source of Digestible Fiber, No Corn - No Molasses, Fortified with Chelated Minerals, Added Probiotics

Seminole Equalizer
Seminole Senior Mix formulated to meet the special needs of older horses. 50 pounds

​​Seminole Feed

Wellness Calm and Cool for low active horses - 50 pounds

Horse Feed

Wellness Senior Mix - Textured

Seminole Wellness SENIOR MIX® is a low-starch, 10% fat, complete feed with herbs, scientifically formulated for all life stages of horses and ponies in an easy-to-chew form.
When feeding the growing foal, equine athlete or the elder horse, Wellness Senior Mix® will deliver consistent nutrients for daily requirements. Enhanced with nine all natural herbs, the easy-to-chew form provides increased digestibility and an exquisite flavor. 

Protein              12%
Fat                    10%
Fiber                 18%
Starch               12%

We carry the following Seminole feeds but Seminole has additional feeds.  We can order additional types of Seminole feeds.  Order on Monday and available on Friday.

PROFECTA 12 protein Pelleted feed

We carry the following feeds, but can get any of the Manna Pro brand Horse Feeds

Order on Monday available on Friday

Seminole Feed Alfalfa Pellets
Wellness Perform Safe for active horses - 50 pounds

Seminole Equalizer is a concentrated form of amino acids, vitamins and minerals.  Balance amino acid profile supports muscle development and repair.  Grain free formula ensures low starch and sugar levels.

Protein              32%
Fat                      5%
Fiber                   5%
Starch                 5%

Seminole EXACTA 12% protein textured feed

Seminole Feed Alfalfa Pellets.

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Seminole PROFECTA 12 is a pelleted feed for mature, active horses and ponies.

Protein              12%
Fat                      7%

Manna Pro Safe Performance Senior 50 Pounds
Seminole Grass Balancer
Manna o Pro Safe Performance Elite 50 poundsd

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Seminole Senior Mix Pellets  formulated to meet the special needs of older horses.  Contains high levels of digestible fibers such as beet pulp, soybean hulls and alfalfa meal,

Protein              14%
Fat                      7%
Fiber                 16%
Starch               12%

We have Horse Quality Hay, click to see what hay is carried.  Quality Hay

Remington Feed​ and Pet​

Manna Pro Performance 50 Pounds
Seminole Alfalfa Cubes

Seminole Grass Balancer 16:8 mineral formulated with a calcium-to-phosphorus ratio 2:1 for horses consuming grass.

It's not a business, it's a lifestyle for your animals

EXACTA 12 is a texture feed for mature, active horses and ponies

Protein     12%

Fat             7%