For dogs over one year of age.. Balance with 24% high-quality protein and 20% fat. For highly active and sporting adult dogs.

Performance for Large Breed dogs over one year of age. Combines an optimal ratio of high-qualit proteing to fat plus L-Carntine for lean muscle.​

​40lbs bags

Giant Breed Puppy +- Growth Up to 2 years and pregnant or lactating females Giant breed dogs (80+- lbs at adult weight). Giant Breed Puppy +- Growth Helps to develop the strong muscles, long-term bone density and supple joints that will support their large bodies throughout their lives.

Hi-Pro Professional for dogs over one year old is balanced with 26% protein and 18% fat. Ideal for sporting and working dogs, large or small breed puppies and pregnant or lactating adult females.​

It's not a business, it's a lifestyle for your animals

Specially fomulted with three sources of high-quality pproteing, Hi-Pro 30 LS is ideal for active dogs of all life stages. Fuel the sustained energy and endurance needs of sorting and active dogs, including growing puppies and pregnant or lactating females.

Performance Plus Large breed dogs over one year of age Formulated for the unique nutritional needs of large breed dogs, Performance Plus combines an optimal ratio of high-quality protein to fat plus L-Carnitine for lean muscle, with a tailored blend of nutrients to support overall wellness and joint health.​

Mature Adult dogs over six years of age and 80+ lbs. Provides specialized nutrition and precisely controlled calcium to promote joint health, long term bone density, immunity and whole body health.

Ocean Catch for dogs over one year of age.  Wild -caught ocean fish is the primary source of protein. NO CHICKEN! Goof for dogs with allergies and sensitivities.

Remington Feed​ and Pet​

Super Premium dog food - scientifically formulated to address specific health or diet needs - combining targeted nutrition with proprietary VX Advantage blend to provide the right nutrients, in the right amount, at the right time.